The knowledge of quilting is one of the oldest creative designs still being embraced by modern society. Quilt designs link people to the time-honored artistry skill that is unique and comes with mental and emotional health benefits. For instance, quilting oilcloth tablecloth allows individuals to engage their brain and express themselves using textile and fabric art. To enjoy some of these benefits, knowledge of common types of quilt designs is necessary. 

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Album Quilts

As the name suggests, this form of design involves stitching up varieties of pieces sewn differently. For example, we can have different individuals coming up with squared pieces, which are then pieced together. 
The piercing process involves layering the tiny shapes of fabrics on top of a more extensive background fabric, then carefully sewing them down with small even stitches that join the quilt's front, middle, and back layers. These stitches are the ones that form the texture of the quilt. 

In most cases, album quilts be it of oilcloth tablecloth or any other purpose, are not for everyday use. They are usually meant for display on special occasions. Those in art galleries express a compilation of different fabrics and forms of creativity a community has. 

Amish Quilts

This form of design originated from the Amish and Mennonite communities. In these communities, quilts have special significance, including marking births and marriages. For this reason, the process of making them involve lots of special attention and affection. 
A key characteristic that sets apart this kind of design from the rest is that they are usually meant to be used as baby quilts and bed coverings. Therefore, they are made using colorfast fabrics and with solid seams. Even though Amish quilts can be entirely handwork, patchwork piecing of these quilts is usually done with a sewing machine.

Denim Quilts

These designs, also known as jeans quilts, come from scrap pieces of old denim clothes. With this kind of idea in place, you never have to say goodbye to your favorite denim. It is a chilled-out quilt with no set measurements. You can make whatever size you like. 
The process of making this kind of quilt is straightforward. All you need to do is deconstruct the cloth, rip the pieces into strips, rearrange the strips, then pin and sew them together. The remaining stage is pressing and trimming, and you can consider it done. 

Patriotic Quilts

Patriotic quilts express patriotism. For example, one can design it to depict the flag of a country and preserve it as a commemoration of national events. This design gives citizens the chance to represent their country through fashion. For instance, someone in a foreign nation can make one of these creative designs to tell of their homeland. 

Bottom line, the fact that quilt designs have existed for a good number of years does not mean that they have lost their sense of appeal. There is plenty of room for people to continue being as creative as they can. Knowing the common types of beautiful designs that already exist is a good starting point to make quilting your hobby.